Sportschool in Maarssen: Born to Move

Krijg professionele begeleiding en persoonlijke aandacht van een personal trainer bij onze kleinschalige sportschool in Maarssen.
Bij ons gebruik je geen toestellen, maar werk je met functionele trainingen.
Met een mix van kracht en conditie verbeter je jouw mobiliteit en mentale weerbaarheid.

Sportschool in Maarssen: Born to Move

Krijg professionele begeleiding en persoonlijke aandacht van een personal trainer bij onze kleinschalige sportschool in Maarssen.
Bij ons gebruik je geen toestellen, maar werk je met functionele trainingen.
Met een mix van kracht en conditie verbeter je jouw mobiliteit en mentale weerbaarheid.

Haal met een personal trainer het beste in jezelf naar boven

Heb je een nagenoeg ongebruikt abonnement op een sportschool omdat je zo’n hekel aan al die toestellen hebt? Of omdat je geen resultaat van al je moeite ziet? Bij sportschool Born to Move in Maarssen richten we ons met personal trainers op een individuele aanpak waarbij je zelfstandig of in een klein groepje je doelen makkelijker kunt behalen.

Wij zijn er voor iedereen die sterker, leniger, flexibeler of mobieler wil zijn, ook als je gewrichtsproblemen hebt of geen enkele ervaring met sporten hebt. Wij helpen je te bewegen zoals je van nature hoort te bewegen.

Aan de hand van je manier van bewegen en twee proeflessen adviseren we wat het beste bij je past: één-op-één training omdat je motoriek of mobiliteit verbeterd moet worden of training met een klein groepje.


Afvallen is meer dan alleen minder eten, daarom is het ook zo moeilijk om echt goede (en vooral blijvende) resultaten te boeken. Bij de sportschool van Born to Move helpen we je om die overtollige kilo’s definitief kwijt te raken door je met een personal trainer meer te laten bewegen. Daarnaast ondersteunen we je om niet alleen je voedingspatroon, maar ook je eetgewoontes duurzaam te verbeteren.


Wil je tips en inspiratie krijgen om bewust beter te bewegen? Meld je dan aan voor onze nieuwsbrief!

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Ons high-performance trainingsprogramma

Met een personal trainer van Born to Move kies je ervoor om op individuele basis serieus met je sport en gezondheid bezig te zijn. Je brengt jezelf met onze hulp in topvorm op een manier die bij je past en wij motiveren en stimuleren je om zowel lichamelijk als geestelijk in topconditie te blijven.

Je krijgt in onze kleinschalige sportschool in Maarssen een doelgerichte en persoonlijke begeleiding waarbij een optimaal resultaat en meetbare verbeteringen voorop staan. Wij stellen een training op maat voor je samen die is afgestemd op je individuele prestaties, doelen en behoeften. Wil je daarbij ook gebruik maken van voedingsadvies of coaching? Dan nemen we dit in je personal training op.



Onze sterren aan het woord

over hun ervaringen en beleving bij Born to Move

Born to Move | Personal Trainer Maarssen
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I started training in November last year and I can honestly say this is it! You train no more than 4 people excluding the trainer. I like this because you always pay attention to whether your posture is good or whether your feet are in the right position, things like that. In addition, it feels good at Born to Move. I immediately felt welcome and that is important. At Born to move (Ron) it is not just about messing around with equipment, but training hard and above all sweating 😁No kidding, come and give it a try, I'm convinced you'll stay.
Michelle de JongeMichelle de Jonge
17:38 14 Mar 24
Very nice gym with personal attention. You can do more than you think.
Barbara FarkasBarbara Farkas
07:41 13 Mar 24
I started to train with Ron only three months ago. Due to arthritis in my knee I couldn’t walk up the stairs without the help of my arms back then. After some weeks and ever since I can! I have gotten stronger and fitter. And it’s just the beginning.Ron is a great trainer, very knowledgeable and fun.Don’t look further, you have found the best coach!
Annemarie BoonAnnemarie Boon
18:16 21 Mar 23
Super nice sports environment with lots of motivation from Ron and Leroy to help you further 💪
Nicky WijnandsNicky Wijnands
15:50 17 Mar 23
A few months ago I took a look at Born To Move. Ron immediately made me enthusiastic, so I went home to change clothes and start training straight away.Now I can no longer get away from it.Ron motivates everyone enormously in his/her abilities. I sometimes underestimate myself, but he makes you realize that you can do it. This makes you feel stronger and more confident in yourself.What I also like is that it is not only a physical training, but also mental. I have already shed several tears during the training sessions. And that may and may be the case!There is also a lot of explanation of the exercises you do.Thanks Ron!
kristien bakkerkristien bakker
15:15 13 Mar 23
Very nice guidance. I had been training for years but with little results. Now I train at BtM twice a week instead of 4 times a week, but with much better results. And I am finally free of my back problems.Have you been suffering from complaints for a long time? Then I definitely recommend Born to Move. Here they know what they are doing.
Danielle IsegerDanielle Iseger
17:10 12 Feb 23
Top training from a very nice motivating and knowledgeable trainer / trainers!!
T.y PT.y P
21:44 07 Aug 22
Born to move...the name says it all.I want to continue to do that, I want to be able to do everything that I can now do at the age of eighty, so to speak. 🙂 Self-reliance is a word that is often mentioned during our training. I have been training at BTM for 3 years now and I am more energetic, stronger and have gained much more self-confidence.There need to be more people like Ron Josefina, he thinks more about his fellow man than himself and challenges you to get the best out of you.You can't tell from the website how it comes across, you have to experience it!
Alina van der MeulenAlina van der Meulen
16:46 03 May 22
During my pregnancy, I gained quite a lot of weight. Unfortunately, many kilos stuck even after my daughter was born. As they stayed there, there was no way I would fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. More important: I didn't recognize the person in the mirror. This was not me. Not to mention my lack of fitness in general: I had to start from zero if I ever wanted to be able to do my regular amount of sit-ups again. For someone who always had a fit physique, it was a tough pill to swallow.I had to change course if I wanted to recognize myself again. I joined Born to Move and started to work out twice a week. Not going to lie: the first weeks it was really confronting to find out how little muscle strength I had left. I felt weak compared to my pre-pregnancy body. But slowly I grew stronger. I started to eat better, my muscles toned and I even enjoyed stepping on the scale as I could see the kilos melt away. Yesterday I pulled a 404-kilo sled and most of my clothes fit again. I feel fit and, more important, I feel like myself again. There is no better motivation to keep working out and keeping up the good work! Thank you Ron!
Bert KorthofBert Korthof
11:16 23 Apr 22
As an enthusiastic racing cyclist, I (73 y/o) ran into limitations of an aging body such as stiff back, neck and shoulders, especially after long bike rides. At Born to Move I learned how important it is to strengthen all your muscles and not just the ones I use when cycling, so that your body is better balanced and I move much "lighter" and even my enjoyment of life increases because I discover that I have a have a smoother body, prevent aging and have better balance and I can walk more upright.The previous treatments in physiotherapy, manual therapy and osteopathy have not brought me nearly as much progress in my posture and flexibility as the motivating and stimulating 12 lessons with Ron van Born to Move!
Training at Born to move is actually exactly what I was looking for. Done many different workouts but training with Ron is so much better.Due to overload of shoulders and neck often suffered from headaches. Since I train with Ron, the headache is completely gone. My body has also become so much stronger. I'm really seeing progress.Every training is a challenge, but with the right guidance and motivation, it succeeds every time. In addition, the small groups in which you train are also fun and motivate each other.Highly recommended!
Bas KoeijerBas Koeijer
09:03 15 Jul 21
My previous employer gave me the opportunity to work out with Ron. I myself had quite a bit of experience in the gym and crossfit, but I never trained like with ron.Personal guidance, paying attention to your posture, so you can exercise without injury and push boundaries. Because you will get stronger! Even after half a year of training you go home with muscle pain every training. This in combination with fun training forms, and in addition to strength also mobility training.Now that I started my own business, my choice was quickly made and I enjoy training with Ron (concrete)! Recommended!
Mattici MatticiMattici Mattici
12:34 05 Dec 16
Love the workout.. it's personal and always a good match. Thanks Ron for keeping me in shape.

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Onze visie is dat ieder mens – binnen zijn eigen mogelijkheden – een atleet kan zijn en dat ieder mens dat ook verdient. Het levert je namelijk heel veel op. Je bent mobieler, sterker, zelfredzamer en gezonder. Door je bewust te worden van je eigen fysieke mogelijkheden ben je ook nog eens positiever en heb je meer zelfvertrouwen.

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